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Black History in Fashion: Fashion Designers

I would learn that frequently due to deep rooted systemic racism black fashion designers were not acknowledged as the creators of their work even if it was popular. Unfortunately, the silence back then has led to a lack of knowledge now. This started me on a journey to research black designers and their contributions to the fashion world. This search led me to some wonderfully talented people. So I will share some of the most interesting and insightful stories that I have found. I plan to share a new story at least once a week in honor of Black History Month.

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What is Modesty?

Dressing modestly is the act of revealing to the world what is happening within. It is a way of saying without words what resides deep within your heart.

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5 Things Modesty is Not

Knowing the definition of a word is helpful but sometimes knowing what a word is not is even more insightful. Like knowing that the microwave is for warming up your lunch is good but knowing that it is not for foil-wrapped meals is extremely important. Ultimately, knowing what something is not can bring even more clarity to a subject.  So before we get into what modesty is let’s talk about what it is not. Modesty is not… The same for everybody.  There are a lot of factors that need to be considered when planning to dress modestly.  The culture that you live in and the faith that you practice plays a major part. Then add in that we are physically...

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3 Things I tell myself when I don’t care what I wear…

Well, let me start off by being honest.  I love fashion and putting together a bomb outfit. But there are times (more frequently than I’d like to admit) that it just seems like too much work.  Some days I just want to not care about what I wear and I look like it too.  To be clear, I’m not talking about being comfortable here. I’m not talking about laziness. But the feeling that taking a moment to be intentional about what I’m wearing is just too hard.  The truth is it really isn’t any harder to put on something that looks good than it is to put on something that doesn’t.  I still have to put on the pants one...

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Does God Care What I Wear?

When I brush my hair, the Lord knows how many hairs I brushed out and tossed in the trash. If he is that detailed with my hair, then of course he cares how I cover the bodily temple that he made in his image.  The realization that God does care what I wear is the beginning of Modern Modesty.

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