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3 Things I tell myself when I don’t care what I wear…

Well, let me start off by being honest.  I love fashion and putting together a bomb outfit. But there are times (more frequently than I’d like to admit) that it just seems like too much work.  Some days I just want to not care about what I wear and I look like it too.

 To be clear, I’m not talking about being comfortable here. I’m not talking about laziness. But the feeling that taking a moment to be intentional about what I’m wearing is just too hard.  The truth is it really isn’t any harder to put on something that looks good than it is to put on something that doesn’t.

 I still have to put on the pants one leg at a time, right? So on those days when I just don’t care I ask myself of these things…

Black woman with long black hair looking in mirror while putting an earring in.
  1. I look at myself in the mirror and say “Hey!!!! How long will this really take?” Are you so busy that you can’t take one moment to actually pick out what you wear? If that is true then I really need to take a look at my life.  Usually, this gets me to stop and consider. Then I realize that whatever I’m rushing off to can wait the few minutes I need to be comfortable and fly. If question one doesn’t work I move to question two...

  1. Don’t you always feel better when you look good? There is something about a well put together outfit that makes me feel better.  Maybe it's because how I feel on the inside is matching how I look on the outside. Or it could be that when I put a little effort in my dress the people around me notice and compliment me?  Either way, remembering this typically gets me going but if not I move to reason number three.

  1. Why don’t you care today? What do you care more about? How are you actually feeling?  Then I remember that the only way I can care for what God has given me is if I am in a good place. Sometimes I can get so busy going through life that I don’t take time to do heart checks. Instead of dealing with the real life issues I have, I ignore them until I’m forced to. For me consistently not caring about what I wear is a sign that I have something going on deep within that I need to get out. So I journal/pray until I figure it out, call a trusted, Godly friend or even hit up a Christian counselor for help.

Woman looking into mirror

When I have an especially challenging day it helps to be well put together. As I am preparing I like to think of the old testament priests getting dressed in their holy ceremonial garments. I imagine what they must have felt like as they got ready to go into the holiest of places.  

I'm sure they knew how important each item was. Now don't get me wrong I believe that no one should be bound up by what they wear.

This is not life or death but what you wear can be an indicator of how you feel and view yourself. There are so many different obstacles every day, one thing that I can control is how I dress for the day.

What do you do when you are having an I don't care what I wear day?

What tricks do you use to push past the feeling?

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