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This is it! If you have made it this far you are probably really serious about getting the look for your special occasion custom-made! I, Jodi-Gaye, am a fashion designer who specializes in designing for real people with real shapes and making them look their best in South Euclid, Ohio.

I love to get to know my clients so that I can design the best garment for them. So whether you are looking for custom made prom dress, custom homecoming dress, custom sweet sixteen dress, custom quinceanera dress, custom formal gown, custom gown for a gala, custom wedding dress, custom bridesmaid dress, or whatever else custom dress or gown I can design, make and meet our agreed deadline. 

Oh and yes I can also do Menswear! So if you are looking for custom suits for prom, or homecoming or want to match your date I can help. 


These are the details to help you understand the process of getting your garment made. 

  1. Costs and Pricing 

Pricing starts at $700 for formal gowns and $550 for suit jackets. Space is limited so booking early allows for the best pricing. Costs will vary based on design details, difficulty, size, and fabric but include the production of the garment, fabric, trims, and all necessary fittings. As all garments are made to order, Pure Gazelle, LLC cannot allow any exchanges or refunds. Any cancellations after a deposit has been made are non-refundable. 

  1. Placing an Order 

    Book Prom or Formal Garment Consultation here.    

    Book Bridal or Bridesmaid Consultation here.     

    Book other Design Consultations here. 

  Once the consultation fee has been paid, you will be contacted to schedule your meeting time. Please send 2-3 inspiration images to 

  1. Consultations 

During the consultation we will thoroughly discuss the garment and trims, take needed measurements, sign all necessary paperwork, and then the client can submit the deposit. The garment will be completely designed and sketched out, and a cost estimate will be provided. It is mandatory for a parent or guardian to be in attendance if the client is under 18 years old so that everyone is fully aware of and understands our written contract.  

  1. Payments 

The first payment that is due is the consultation fee. This can be paid on the Pure Gazelle website and locks in your appointment. The next cost due is the deposit fee. The deposit fee is approximately half of what the total cost (materials and labor) will be and is due after the consultation. The consultation fee will be deducted from the total cost of the garment if the deposit is paid within two weeks of the consultation date. No work on the garment will begin until the complete deposit has been paid. In the event that there are any additional fees arising from unforeseen issues (supplier costs, modifications, or late fees) you will be notified as soon as possible. These fees will be added to the balance of the garment. 

  1. Modesty Clause 

Pure Gazelle, LLC is a fashion brand that highlights fashionable modesty. All garments are subject to the designer’s approval. No garments with nudity or excessive exposure will be produced. All changes to garments are also subject to the designer’s approval.