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About Me

Greetings and Hello! 

      Welcome to Pure Gazelle! I am Jodi-Gaye Henderson, a wife to one amazing husband who happens to be a pastor and mother of three adorable boys who keep me busy and smiling all day long. 
      I love fashion.  I love fashion so much I spent 5 years learning to be a fashion designer.  I love putting together an ensemble. I love expressing myself through what I wear.  I believe there is no better conversation starter than a great, fun, quirky, classy, sporty or whatever your style outfit. 
      I also believe with every fiber in my being that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save me from my sins.  Every talent or gift I have comes from the wonderful God that I serve.  So Pure Gazelle is combination of two of my loves. My faith in God and fashion.
      So you can expect that the Pure Gazelle Blog will explore the meeting place of great fashion and honoring our great God.  I will encourage you to think critically about what you believe about faith and fashion.  You can also expect great fashion from Pure Gazelle.  Whether it is the currently available custom made garments or the ready to wear collection that is come.
      In the midst of these things lets have fun! Let's have honest dialogue. Together we can enjoy the beauty of fashion.  Stick around and check out everything.
Jodi-Gaye Henderson stands against a wall, smiling.